hasler postage machineA Hasler postage machine allows your business to print out the stamps you need to mail materials as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. There are different mailing system products available for every size company, from an office to a small business to an enterprise-level corporation.

Mailing systemshasler postage machine

Hasler has three main types of mailing system machines that are built for low-volume small business postage, medium-volume, and high-volume needs.

  • Low-volume products – Models such as the WJ20, IM330, and IM350 are suitable for businesses that are currently small, but that are growing in scope and capabilities.
  • Medium-volume products – Models such as the IM420, IM440, IM460, and IM480 are suitable for medium-sized businesses, or for smaller business that regularly send high volumes of mail.
  • High-volume products – Models such as the WJ185, IM5000, IM6000, and WJ PRO are suitable for businesses that have a high level of mailings that go out frequently to clients. These models can handle virtually any and every stamp printing need your business could have.

TotalFunds and how it works

Hasler TotalFunds simplifies the payment process by providing you with postage now and letting you pay for it later. You simply download the exact indicia you need and Hasler will pay the Postal Service the proper amount. This means you never have to worry about how much is “left” in your machine.
A convenient invoice will itemize all of the downloads to your mailing machine for that monthly billing period. You then have 28 days to pay the invoice, which you can do by check, online, or by ACH (Automated Clearing House).

Mailing system payment options

There are two payment tiers for your mailing system. As long as you print up to the free transaction limit each month, you won’t pay any transaction fees. Volume over the monthly account limit will result in a 1% Flex Limit Fee.

  • Low volume (Basic PLUS) – this allows for a $700 free transaction limit per monthly billing period, with a $1,500 total account limit.
  • Mid to high volume (Advantage PLUS) – this allows for a $4,000 free transaction limit per monthly billing period, with an $8,500 total account limit.

The primary benefit of a Hasler meter is that you save time and money since you don’t have to travel to the post office every time they want to send a mailing or calculate stamp costs. Businesses are further able to reduce costs by viewing the convenient monthly invoice to see which departments are spending the most on shipping and evaluating what they can do to further reduce costs and improve efficiency and profitability.

Hasler prices

Pricing details:My company purchased a Hasler postage meter. They gave us the best offer for what we were looking for.

– Buyer from Insurance Agency, Scott City, KS

Pricing details:I was able to find a small meter for $25/month. It is the perfect size and price for my company.

– Buyer from Retail, Columbia, SC

Pricing details:We were able to find an office mail meter for $25.00/month with a 5lb scale included.

– Buyer from Construction/General Contracting, Dallas, TX

Pricing details:We were able to find a mail meter for $29.95/month.

– Buyer from Financial Services, Brooklyn, NY

Pricing details:My company decided to go with one of Hasler’s mail machines. We were able to get it for $22.99/month.

– Buyer from Non-Profit, Alexandria, LA

Pricing details:We went with the best price that our company could find which was from Hasler, at $15.99/month for the meter and scale.

– Buyer from Manufacturing, Butler, PA

Pricing details:I decided to sign a 63 month contract for a Hasler mailing system. The price was right around what we were looking to spend.

– Buyer from Non-Profit, Winston Salem, NC

Pricing details:We got a meter for $19.95/month which included a 5lb postal scale.

– Buyer from Insurance, Fredericksburg, TX

What other people are looking for

I am particularly interested in the Hasler IM440 model.

– Legal Company, Greenville, MS

We currently have Hasler equipment that meets all of our needs. It is a WJ65 and we are looking for a meter that is comparable to that.

– Legal, Seattle, WA

Our company is looking into purchasing a stamping machine. We have been looking at the Hasler WJ65.

– Golf Club, Morganton, NC

Our company currently has a Hasler meter. We would like to know what machines that are out there that are comparable.

– Insurance, Utica, NY

Our current lease is about to run out and we are interested in purchasing an office mail machine.

– Non-Profit, Centereach, NY

We are looking for an office postage machine for our new surgery center.

– Health Care, Russellville, AR

We are looking for a quote on a high volume mail meter. It’s going to be about 30,000 pieces/month.

– Transportation/Logistics, Fort Collins, CO

We are looking for a small franking machine for our once-a-week high volume mailings. (about 50 pieces of mail)

– Construction/General Contracting, Mokena, IL

We are a non-profit, tax-exempt organization and we are looking into getting a new mailing system for our office.

– Health Care, Basalt, CO

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