Easy payments

Stamping mail is easy by letting you download the postage you need, paying the Postal Service, and billing you for it later. This streamlined process helps avoid any delays caused by needing to refill the machine, and you get a detailed monthly invoice of your usage that you can pay online, by check, or through
ACH (Automated Clearing House).

The brand also offers two payment tiers based on your expected mailing volume. A good estimate of your usage is important: meet the free transaction minimum and you won’t pay any transaction fees. But on the other side, usage above the monthly limit will result in a 1% additional fee.

  • Low volume (Basic PLUS) – $700 free transaction minimum and a $1,500 total account limit.
  • Mid to high volume (Advantage PLUS) – $4,000 free transaction minimum an $8,500 total account limit.

What sets this company apart

If you’re choosing between Neopost and other companies like Hasler or Pitney Bowes, there are a couple of features that set this company apart.

  • Streamlined mail processing helps save on both time and money.
  • Cost savings of up to 5% for both Express Mail and Priority Mail.
  • EDelivery Confirmation, eSignature Confirmation, and eCertified with Electronic Return Receipt give businesses the ability to connect more effectively with their customers.
  • The iMeter includes Internet connectivity for additional features.
  • Immediate tech support

In addition, the company provides the supplies that your business needs in order to be able to gain the most from your mailing campaigns. These supplies include the following items:

  • Sealing solution
  • Address printer ink
  • Printing ink
  • Tapes
  • E-services labels

Postage meters from any USPS authorized company gives you the ability to instantly print the exact stamp you need without traveling to the post office, and pay later, saving you and your business both time and money. However you can save even more money by using Neopost thanks to their discounts on Express and Priority mailings. In addition, you can be more confident that your customers are receiving their packages with eDelivery Confirmation, eSignature Confirmation, and eCertified with Electronic Return Receipt features.

Neopost Prices People Paid

Pricing details: My company was able to get a IS-350 for $89/month.

– Buyer from Health Care, Alpharetta, GA

Pricing details: My company agreed to get a IJ-25 meter for $14.95/month. It was the best option available to us.

– Buyer from Insurance, Dallas, TX

Pricing details: We found the IS-330 postage meter with a 5lb scale for a very reasonable price.

– Buyer from Non-Profit, Lansing, MI

Pricing details: We got information on some postage machines and we decided to go with the IS 330 for $24.95/month for 36 months.

– Buyer from Non-Profit, Roswell GA

Pricing details: We agreed to get a IJ25 for $18.95/month. They also gave us a $700 credit line to purchase stamps.

– Buyer from Construction/General Contracting, Aurora, IL

Pricing details: My company decided to purchase from Neopost after our current company was not able to match the offer we received from them. The monthly fee is cheaper and we don’t have to pay each time we add postage.

– Buyer from Financial Services, Petaluma, CA

What other people are looking for

We are looking for a mid volume meter, with an option for a rate on the fly option, similar to the dynamic mode in a neopost model, or the WOW mode in a Pitney Bowes model.

– Financial Services Company, Phoenix, AZ

Currently using a Neo-post machine and we are looking for something comparable to it.

— Health Care, Port Arthur, TX

We currently have a lease with Neopost which is about to run out. We would like to get a new postage meter.

— Manufacturing, Santa Fe Springs, CA

Right now we have a SI 62. We are interested in getting a machine that is similar to that one and also another machine that is a set up from that one.

— Real Estate, San Diego, CA

We are interested in getting quotes on Neo-post postage machines. Preferably the IS-480.

— Financial Services, West Palm Beach, FL

We are interested in some mailing machines. We have one right now and would like to speak so someone about machines that are similar to ours

— Education, Blackfoot, ID

We are looking for a small scale and meter, all in one preferred. Preferably the IS-460.

— Health Care, Cedar Knolls, NJ

We would like a quote on a mail machine.

— Manufacturing, Charleroi, PA

We are looking for companies and services that help us print, meter and label.

— Media/Entertainment/Publishing, Clermont, FL

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