pitney bowes postage meter
A Pitney Bowes postage meter allows you to calculate the exact stamp that is needed for any piece of mail – with the confidence of a trusted brand name.

What Pitney Bowes offers

here are three main types of Pitney Bowes postage meters:pitney bowes postage

  • Mailstation 2 Digital Mailing System – This all-purpose meter is best for businesses with low-volume mailing needs. It allows you to calculate exact mailing rates, print that exact indicia (electronic stamp) on letters, postcards, flats, and parcels, easily mail packages using the integrated USPS Shipping Assistant, and print up to 18 letters per minute.
  • DM100 Digital Mailing System – This semi-automatic meter is better suited for companies with larger mailing needs. It allows you to calculate exact indicia, track up to 10 accounts, and stamp up to 30 letters per minute.
  • DM200 Digital Mailing System – Another semi-automatic machine that is also better suited for companies with greater mailing needs. It allows you to calculate exact indicia, track up to 25 accounts, easily seal envelopes with the enclosed moistener, and print up to 40 letters per minute.

Pitney Bowes benefits

There are many benefits offered by Pitney Bowes postage meters. Since you can calculate the exact stamp needed for your mailings on-site, you avoid both the delays or returned mailings that result from underpaying for mail as well as the unneeded expense that comes from overestimating how much shipping costs. This is a feature shared by most mailing machines, including Neopost, another popular company with small businesses.
Additionally, you’ll know exactly how much money each department is spending on shipping thanks to Pitney Bowes’ tracking features. Plus, any time that USPS changes their postal rates, you’ll be able to update your machine instantaneously so that no mistakes with stamping is made.
The fact that time and money are saved will allow your business to spend more time on activities that are more productive for the business, like bringing in new customers and improving your internal processes.
As with any mailing machine, you can gain the ability to print out the exact stamp you need whenever you need it, saving both time and money. A Pitney Bowes machine also makes sure you’re always up-to-date on any changes to USPS rates thanks to the ability to download new rates within minutes. Finally, you get the reliability and peace-of-mind that come from using a long-established, familiar brand name.

Pitney Bowes prices

Pricing details: We are going to be leasing a Mail Station 2 for $14.99/month wih no stamp addage charge. We also purchased the start up kit for $124.99.

– Buyer from Entertainment Industry, Port Angeles, WA

Pricing details: We decided to go with a Pitney Bowes meter. It was the cheapest price per month for us at $14.99/month for 1 year of services.

– Buyer from Business Services, Wichita Falls, TX

Pricing details: We went with Mail Station 2. They gave us a 60 day free trial then $14.99/month for a 12 month lease.

– Buyer from Manufacturing Industry, West Henrietta, NY

Pricing details: My company decided to get a Pitney Bowes machine because their month to month lease price was our best option.

– Buyer from Manufacturing Industry, Willowbrook, IL

Pricing details: We decided to purchase a Mail Station 2. We received a special deal on it and it includes the maintenance on the unit.

– Buyer from Non-Profit, Kingston, NY

Pricing details: We got a Mail Station 2 digital mailing system for $14.99/month and a 60 day free trial.

– Buyer from Health Care, Cheyenne, WY

What other people are looking for

We currently pay Pitney Bowes $369.00 quarterly for the rental of this machine. We are a government entity and are required by law to look for the cheapest way possible. Our lease with Pitney Bowes is up at the end of March 2011.

– Government Agency, Weaverville, CA

Looking for the best deal on a Pitney Bowes DM100. We are down sizing from the DM400.

– Transportation/Logistics Company, Lubbock, TX

Looking for a meter comparable to the Pitney Bowes DM100i.

– Legal Company, Platte City, MO

We are interesting in purchasing a Pitney Bowes postage meter. Currently using the DM100i.

– Manufacturing Industry, Miami, FL

We currently have a Pitney Bowes postage meter and we would like to purchase a machine that is similar to the one that we have.

– Legal, Claremont, CA

Right now we have a Pitney Bowes model. We have the 3c00/4c00 and would like a machine that is comparable to that.

– Real Estate, Hackensack, NJ

We want to be able to do postage by phone or by Internet.

– Government Agency, Tampa, FL

We are looking for a mail system where we can receive stamps by phone. We would also like to a built-in scale.

– Health Care, Westminster, CO

Interesting in speaking with companies that provide machines for businesses. We have several small offices that need a basic meter to send out letter.

– Computers – Software, Monett, MO

We are looking to speak with companies that provide mail stamping machines for businesses. We would like to talk to sales reps ASAP.

– Business Services, San Diego, CA

We are interested in Pitney Bowes meters. We currently have a PB DM100i.

– Retail, Lafayette, IN

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