Online postage stamps can help you save time and money by avoiding trips to the post office – without requiring you to rent a postage meter and deal with training employees to use it.

In addition, online postage stamps can save you money in several different ways:
nline postage stamps

  • There is no guessing or estimating on how much a specific package’s stamp costs when a business uses online stamps (since the cost is calculated online or via a postal scale on-site at the business).
  • Many online service stamps providers have tracking tools to determine what departments in your business are spending the most on shipping.
  • Many providers provide discounts on several types of shipping from the USPS, such as Express and Priority shipping, when your business uses online postage stamps.

How to get online postage stamps

A popular online stamp service is from Endicia. Endicia allows businesses to print pre-paid labels for any single-piece mail class that is offered by the USPS. Endicia’s prepaid shipping labels also allow for address verification to ensure that the packages you are sending out will reach their desired destinations.

Endicia’s Dazzle software even allows you to take advantage of bulk rate (discount) mailings, as well as do online zip code and address verifications. is another service that allows your business to easily calculate and print official, USPS stamps for anything you can mail, including postcards, envelopes, shipping labels, and more, all for one low monthly rate. You can easily calculate the exact shipping rate by using the scale, which will send the exact weight to the software that will print out the indicia you need.

By using, you’ll receive considerable savings over using your local post office:

  • Save up to 21% on all Express Mail shipments.
  • Save up to 15% on Priority Mail shipments.
  • Save up to 8% on Express Mail International shipments.
  • Save up to 5% on Priority Mail International shipments.

It’s pretty clear that online stamps can help reduce the amount of time you spend on mailing and help save money, thanks to reduced rates as well as knowing the exact amount of stamp to apply to packages without having to head to the local post office to find out.

Prices people paid for online stamps

Pricing details: We went with a company that offered us a meter plus a postal scale for $21/month.

– Buyer from Advertising/Marketing/PR, Indianapolis, IN

Pricing details: Our deal included $30 in online stamps and a $19.99/month fee for the meter. The meter also included a 2lb scale.

– Buyer from Business Services, College Park, GA

Pricing details: We received a meter for $19.95/month which included a 10lb postal scale.

– Buyer from Financial Services, Englewood, CO

Pricing details: We purchased a postage meter and a 70lb postal scale for $38/month.

– Buyer from Government Agency, Denver, CO

Pricing details: Our company went with for their online stamp service. It was the best choice financially for our company right now.

– Buyer from Government Agency, New Meadows, ID

Pricing details: We made our purchase through They provided a basic/simple service at a great price for our company.

– Buyer from Retail, San Diego, CA

Pricing details: We are paying $59.00/month for the meter and postal scale.

– Buyer from Financial Services, Miramar, FL

Pricing details: For $19.95/month we were able to get a meter and a 5lb postal scale.

– Buyer from Computers – Software, Fort Wayne, IN

What other people are looking for

I need to be able to purchase and add stamps online with a credit card that loads immediately.

– Business Services Company, Addison, TX

We need an online postage system to print normal .44 cent stamps and .64 cent stamps from an office computer.

– Insurance Agency, Irving, TX

I would like to look at all options. I have scales for shipping Fedex and UPS so if I could find an online solution that would allow me to print via the UPS/Fedex label printer that would be great.

– Business Services Company, Cypress, TX

We would like the meter to be connected to our network so stamp costs can be added online. We would like a 5 lb. scale. We would like to be able to do certified mail/return receipt with the machine.

– Financial Services Company, Minneapolis, MN

Looking for a machine that will allow me to use postage on the web. I want to be able to load money via the internet.

– Retail, Cortland, OH

We are looking for a system that will allow us to purchase online stamps.

– Manufacturing, Van Nuys, CA

We are a small non-profit that is looking for online postage stamps. We are currently using too many stamps for certain letters and packages.

– Agriculture, Ellenton, FL

Our company wants a scale to be included with the meter. We would like for it to be at least a 10lb scale.

– Legal, Hackensack, NJ

We are looking for a 40 lb scale with auto-feed capabilities.

– Consulting, Honolulu, HI

We need a postal scale with a 5 pound capacity.

– Financial Services, Cedar Knolls, NJ

We are looking for a basic machine that includes a 5 pound postal scale.

– Equipment Sales & Service, Lafayette, CO

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